Celebration of Scholarship

OLLU faculty continues to be recognized for their scholarship and achievement. Below is an alphabetical listing of professors and their recent accomplishments:

Ehsan Ahmadi, PhD, assistant professor of Business Analytics/Marketing, co-authored two articles that were published in journals. The first, “A Centralized Stochastic Inventory Control Model for Perishable Products Considering Age-Dependent Purchase Price and Lead Time,” was published in “TOP,” the official journal of the Spanish society of statistics and operations research. The second, “A Machine Learning Approach to Estimation of Phase Diagrams for Three-Component Lipid Mixtures,” was published in “Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes.”

Leda Barnett, PhD, professor and program pead of Political Science Program, earned a “Climate Reality Leader,” position in the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps in July. Dr. Barnett also wrote an article, “Resource of the Week: How to Use Teams to Facilitate Small Group Work with Student Roles,” which was published in the online journal for “The American Political Science Association.” 

Iman Ghalehkhondabi, PhD, assistant professor and head of Nonprofit Management Program, co-authored two journal articles. The first, “Sustainable E-Waste Supply Chain Management with Price/Sustainability-Sensitive Demand and Government Intervention,” was published in the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. The second, “A Hybrid Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm and Column Generation Heuristic for Minimizing Makespan in Manual Order Picking Operations,” was published in “Expert Systems with Applications.” 

Alexander Hutchinson, PhD, assistant professor and program head of Kinesiology, was named associate editor for the “Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.” 

Ronald Crowe, PhD, assistant professor of Economics and Finance, and Kathryn Winney, associate professor of Accounting, presented, “Algorithmic Self Grading Assignments in Excel,” at the Financial Education Association/Academy of Business Education.     

Michael Keplinger, adjunct professor of Music, was commissioned to compose a guitar piece for “Austin Classical Guitar” as part of its “Together” project.

Hamid Khan, EdD, professor of Management, wrote two journal articles. The first, “Are Psychological Capital and Psychological Ownership Predictors of the Passive Avoidant Leadership Style?”, was published in the “International Journal of Business and Public Administration.” The second, “Commitment to Supreme Performance: An Empirical Study Predicting Exemplary Leadership with Appropriate Leadership: Transactional (ALT-) Style,” was published in the “Academy of Business Research” Journal.

Tedi McVea, adjunct professor and Faculty Liaison in the Worden School of Social Service, authored a book, “I Know About Germs,” that was published by Auris Books. McVea was also featured in stories about the book in the Times-Standard and on KSAT.com.

Sister Margit Nagy, CDP, PhD, professor of History, earned 15 CEUs from the University of Texas Online Hemispheres Summer Institute, “Facing the Future: Environmental Education in the Global Classroom.”

Jessica Quintero, PhD, instructional designer in the Center for Teaching Excellence, co-presented, “Proposing a New Research Method: Convivencia Testimonial” at the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education Virtual Conference.

Aimee Villarreal, PhD, associate professor and program head of Mexican American Studies, wrote an article, “Anthropolocura as Homeplace Ethnography,” that will be published in “Ethnographic Refusals/Unruly Latinidades.” Dr. Villarreal also was featured in an interview with James Hernandez in the Decolonized Buffalo Podcast, discussing, “Chicana Feminism and Tribal Critical Race Theory.”

James Zeitz, PhD, associate professor of Religious Studies, wrote a book review of “Song-Mi Suzie Park’s 2 Kings: Wisdom Commentary Volume 12″ in Catholicbookreviews.org.