Celebration of scholarship and achievement

OLLU faculty continues to be recognized for their scholarship and achievement. Below is an alphabetical listing of professors and their recent accomplishments:

Yvette Benavides, professor of English, is hosting the Texas Public Radio podcast, “Book Public,” which includes book reviews, author interviews and a short story series called, “The Lonely Voice.” To listen to past episodes or subscribe to the podcast, go to: https://www.tpr.org/podcast/book-public.

Also, Benavides’ short essay about lawyer Gus Garcia was accepted by Boulevard magazine for its fall issue in the “History Symposium” section. Garcia was a brilliant civil rights attorney who won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in 1954, but died tragically, homeless and alone, on a park bench.

Renelinda Bressler, PhD, associate professor of Sociology, set up an off-campus work-study site for OLLU students at an immigrant shelter, Posada Guadalupe.

Vanessa Clark, PhD, associate professor of Computer Information Systems and Security, recently co-authored a paper, “Investigating the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Simulation-Based EHR Training: Media Naturalness Theory Perspective.” The paper can be viewed here: https://aisel.aisnet.org/treos_amcis2020/46/.

Alexander Hutchison, PhD, assistant professor of Kinesiology, had his first book published, “Exercise Ain’t Enough: HIIT, Honey, and the Hazda,” a groundbreaking guide to health and wellness that explains the science behind exercise and diet. To learn more, click this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08L7WPVXG/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0.

Jessica Quintero, PhD, instructional designer in the Center for Teaching Excellence, received a Poster Award for “Best Conceptual Or Methodological Framework.” The award was for “Proposing A New Research Method: Convivencia Testimonial.” 

Carlos Ramos, PhD, assistant professor of Psychology, co-wrote a chapter of a soon-to-be published book, “Therapeutic Latinx Story-Sharing or Chismorreo,” with Jimena Castro, adjunct professor, and Alvaro Guerrero, a recent graduate of the Marriage, Family and Therapy Program. The chapter is about the communicational practice of family therapy with Spanish-speaking clients at OLLU’s CCS clinic.

Alegnta Shibikom, PhD, assistant professor of Social Work, co-authored an article in the Child Welfare Journal, “Addressing Poverty and Child Welfare Through Early Intervention: Project LAUNCH.” Dr. Shibikom and Tony Bobadilla, PhD, assistant professor of Social Work, are scheduled to co-present, virtually, on “Financial Knowledge, Financial Inclusion, and Household Financial Practices Among Low-Income Families” at the Council of Social Work Education 66th Annual Program Meeting Nov. 16-20.

Antoinette Winstead, professor of Drama and Mass Communication, recently had two poems published: “Among the Numbered” in Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas: Tejascovido Ed. Vol. 17 2020-2021, and “The Horror…The Horror” in TX Poetry Ballot, an online journal. She also performed “Incident at Willow Creek” for the Public Theater on July 6, 2020.

Winstead’s recent work on boards and in the community includes:

* Serving on the Maestro Connect Editorial Board (Maestro Connect is an online journal for Hispanic entrepreneurs and small-business owners in San Antonio)

* Chairing the Event Planning Committee of the Carver Development Board

* Chairing the Fundraising Sub-Committee of the Carver Development Board

* Serving as the 2020-2021 President of the Alamo Area Poets of Texas

* Serving as the 2020-2022 Vice President of the San Antonio Poets Association.