Men’s tennis drops doubleheader against UIW to open season

The men’s tennis team fell in a doubleheader to the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) on Friday 0-7, 0-7. Full results are listed below.

First match

Artur Etzberger/Murilo SalviatoM. Kralemann/M. Kermet3-6Loss
Caio Ravagnani/Vinicius SilvaJ. Sasso/W. Fulgenzi5-7Loss
Michael Canales/Malachi FarleyO. El Kadi/A. Miralles4-6Loss
Artur EtzbergerJ. Sasso2-6, 4-6Loss
Caio RavagnaniM. Kralemann3-6, 6-3, 2-10Loss
Murilo SalviatoA. Miralles2-6, 3-6Loss
Vinicius SilvaM. Galic2-6, 1-6Loss
Malachi FarleyP. Perego1-6, 2-6Loss
Michael CanalesN. De Luna1-6, 3-6Loss

Second match

Murilo Salviato/Caio RavagnaniJ. Sasso/W. Fulgenzi1-6Loss
Vinicius Silva/Malachi FarleyM. Kralemann/M. Kermet2-6Loss
Artur Etzberger/Michael CanalesP. Perego/N. De Luna4-6Loss
Artur EtzbergerL. Stojanovic1-6, 3-6Loss
Caio RavagnaniJ. Sasso0-6, 0-2, ret.Loss
Murilo SalviatoW. Fulgenzi0-6, ret.Loss
Vinicius SilvaP. Perego3-6, 2-6Loss
Malachi FarleyL. Godwin6-3, 2-6, 7-10Loss
Michael CanalesN. Dominguez0-1, ret.Loss

The Saints host Howard Payne University at home on Jan. 29 at 12 p.m. No spectators are allowed at this time.