W2s for 2020 to be ready by Jan. 28 and made available in ‘Self Service’

Employee W2s for 2020 will be completed by Thursday and will be made available online through “Self Service” for those who have given electronic consent.

W2s will not be made available on Web Advisor as in previous years. “Colleague Employee Self-Service,” available through My OLLU Portal, will be replacing Web Advisor over the next few months and offers more functions.

Instructions to access W2s in “Self-Service” are available at: https://myollu.ollusa.edu/UniversityResources/DisbursementOffice/Forms/HOW%20TO%20ACCESS%20W2’s%20IN%20SELF%20SERVICE.pdf

OLLU will not mail out W2s to current employees who have given W2 electronic consent. Employees will have to print their W2s from “Self Service.” 

If electronic consent has not been given, W2s will be mailed to the employee’s address on file with Human Resources. The W2s will be mailed at the post office by Thursday. Employees cannot pick up W2s on campus.  

Due to COVID, mail delivery times are expected to be slower. Therefore, payroll will address requests for re-mailing W2s after Feb. 12. Contact payroll@ollusa.edu after this date with requests for re-mailing. 

W2s for terminated employees will be mailed out as well by Thursday.  

Once W2s are received, review them for accuracy.  For questions or concerns about the accuracy of W2s, contact payroll@ollusa.edu as soon as possible.