Upperclassmen encouraged to apply for $1,000 scholarship

A $1,000 Angel Nevaeh Rendón and Divine Mercy Scholarship is available to upperclassmen who are scheduled to graduate from OLLU within two years.

Applicants are required to complete the attached form, submit a transcript and resume, provide two letters of recommendation and write a one-page essay about love, loss and life.

The Angel Nevaeh Rendón Scholarship is named for the unborn baby of alumna Elaine Dispo-Rendón, PhD (2015), Vice President of the OLLU Alumni Executive Council. Dr. Dispo-Rendón wants to award the scholarship to a student who aims to maximize her/his potential and make a difference in the world, just as she had expected for her own child. She wants to give back to OLLU by contributing to the education of someone who also has experienced love, loss and a new lease on life. 

Applications are due June 5, the day Angel was to be born. Applications must be submitted to Jackie Walter, Director, Center for Women and Church in Society, at jlwalter@ollusa.edu.