The Roots of Spirit Day

The roots of Spirit Day extend to the mid-16th Century when Jesuit educational communities first gathered in Mass to anchor the year ahead in the recognition that the work of faith and intellect are inherently intertwined. 

Catholic universities across the centuries and in different cultural contexts have placed their own stamp on this tradition. 

Spirit Day is not only a time to ask for the Holy Spirit’s blessing of the university. It is a reminder of the community’s call to bless the Holy Spirit with their lives. 

This year’s Spirit Day offers a moment to reflect on what it means to “live the legacy” of OLLU. It moves OLLU to prayerful reflection and invites the community to rededicate themselves to a life of trust in the abundance of Providence as they seek to meet the moment and the needs of the world.

As such, Spirit Day’s Mass of the Holy Spirit is also a time in which the community pauses as an institution to honor and to give thanks to those who have served the OLLU community for 10 years or more. This year’s 28 faculty and staff honorees have tenures at OLLU ranging from 10 to 35 years, with a total of 525 years.

To purchase a 2021 Spirit Day T-shirt, visit or look for University Ministry in the Renaissance Parlor during lunch and in the Mall Area on Spirit Day.