OLLU introduces changes to COVID testing program

With a decreasing number of COVID-19 cases in our area, OLLU is introducing changes to its COVID-19 Testing Program. Read below for an overview of OLLU’s plans going forward. OLLU awaits the publication of OSHA’s regulations related to President Biden’s vaccination announcement for employers with 100 or more employees. The university will continue to monitor the situation and will make adjustments as they become necessary.

Who Needs to Test
▪ Students and employees who have not submitted proof of vaccination will be required to test on a regular basis. Weekly testing will not be required. Individuals will receive an email with instructions when it is time to test.

▪ Students and employees who did submit proof of vaccination will not be required to test. On occasion, a random group of individuals in this category will be invited to take part, on a voluntary basis, in monitor testing that assists with tracking breakthrough cases.

When to Test 
▪ When it’s a student or an employees’ turn to test, they will receive an email from ConquerCovid@ollusa.edu with instructions. Individuals needing to test will receive an email the week before the test is required.

▪ Employees can test during the workday.

Where to Get Tested
▪ San Antonio-based students and employees can test on campus. The OLLU testing site is located at the University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC), Room 112, formerly the Health Services Office. If you are selected to test, you will receive an email with date/times when you can test.

▪ Students and employees from the RGV and Houston campuses will be provided with specific instructions on testing options.

▪ If an employee tests at the OLLU site, he/she will be asked to wait 15 minutes at the UWAC for their results.

▪ Individuals may elect to test at a testing site outside of OLLU, but home tests will not be accepted.

o If an employee or student plans on testing elsewhere, he/she must let the University know.

o If employees or students test at a different site, they will be asked to submit their test results by a specified deadline.

o Details on this will be included in the email that is sent to the employee or student.

Students or employees do not have to test if:

▪ They tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 90 days.

▪ They are currently in quarantine or isolation.

▪ They are not working, living, taking classes or participating in activities on campus.

▪ They provided proof of vaccination. Students and employees who have not yet done so can still submit proof of vaccination here.

If an employees or students receive an email asking them to test and they meet either of these exemptions, they will be asked to let the COVID team know.

COVID-19 Cases at OLLU
The number of active cases at OLLU and in San Antonio continues to improve. As of Sept. 22, there are only two active cases reported. The university would like to thank every student and employee who has responded to requests to test for COVID-19 and everyone who has followed the safety guidelines. The university’s success is a direct result of everyone’s efforts.

Reminder: Masks Still Required
OLLU continues to require masks/face coverings for all individuals on campus – vaccinated and unvaccinated. Face coverings must be worn in classrooms, hallways, meeting spaces and other common areas where individuals cannot isolate or social distance.