OLLU secures $40,000 grant for ‘Father Moye’s Project’

OLLU has secured a two-year NetVUE grant for $40,000 for the creation of “Father Moye’s Project,”a memory play that will walk audiences through OLLU’s founding to the present.

Designed to be performed annually, “Father Moye’s Project”will engage members of the OLLU  community – faculty, staff, students, and alumni – in thoughtful conversations and a deeper understanding of how the mission and vision of our founders lives on today, even as the university adapts to meet its changing student and community needs.

The project involves payment for students in the 2023-2024 semesters for various project roles, ranging from $500 to $1500, starting in the spring.

Grant funds will also support the video recording of the play and publication of the script, as a means to engage members of the OLLU community in a variety of events and learning opportunities. Feedback gathered from pre- and post-surveys and “pláticas” (informal Q&A sessions) held after each production, will be used to refine the play over time, in order to continue to highlight the bridge between OLLU’s institutional heritage and its response to the “signs of the times.”

The purpose of this grant award is to enable OLLU to re-examine and reframe its history, identity, and heritage in light of its present context. NetVUE Grants for Reframing the Institutional Saga are made possible through generous financial support to the Council of Independent Colleges by Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Gloria Urrbazao, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, will serve as the Project Director. Antoinette Winstead, Professor of Drama and Mass Communication and Director of the Rubén M. and Verónica Salazar-Escobedo School of Mass Communication and Theater, will serve as the Project Coordinator.