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Dr. Quintanilla awarded scholarship

Octavio Quintanilla, PhD, Associate Professor of English, has been awarded the Nebrija Creadores Scholarship, which will allow him a summer residency to research and create at the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá in Spain.

The Franklin-UAH Institute awarded the scholarship to Dr. Quintanilla for his literary and academic accomplishments, as well as the artistic and cultural relevance of his work within the framework of Hispanic literature. 

From June 14 through July 14, Dr. Quintanilla will be working on Frontextos and researching Spanish visual poetics. Creative work completed during his stay will be published in the journal, “Camino Real.”

The Nebrija Creadores Scholarship is designed to promote the creation of new literary pieces in the framework of Chicano Literature in the United States. This scholarship is granted by HISPAUSA Association and the Instituto Franklin of the University of Alcalá. 

Professor Quintanilla wins ‘Arts & Letters Award’

Octavio Quintanilla, PhD, Associate Professor of English, has won a “2021 Arts & Letters Award for Artistic Merit.”

Selected for the award by Friends of the San Antonio Public Library, Dr. Quintanilla will be recognized on Nov. 6 at Mission Branch Library with two other winners. The ceremony will begin at 1:45 p.m. in the Robert Anguiano Meeting Room.

A poet, photographer, author and visual artist, Dr. Quintanilla served as the 2018-2020 San Antonio Poet Laureate.

For more than 49 years, the Arts & Letters Awards has recognized and celebrated the achievement by individuals who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and whose dedication and devotion to their chosen artistic fields have served to enrich the cultural and spiritual life of San Antonio. Previously, this award has acknowledged legendary artists such as Sandra Cisneros, Carmen Tafolla, Henry Brun, Bill Fitzgibbons among many others.