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Georges Darwiche selected as NAIA Scholar-Athlete

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) released the 2023 Daktronics NAIA Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete today. Selected from OLLU is Georges Darwiche.

The 2023 list features student-athletes who achieved at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at their institution. In order to be nominated by the institution’s head coach or sports information director, a student-athlete must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, must appear on the eligibility certificate for the sport and have attended one full year at said institution.

Darwiche earned a 3.72 GPA.

Men’s basketball falters in final minutes against LCU

The men’s basketball team struggled in the second half and lost 78-75 against Louisiana Christian University (LCU) on Saturday. The Saints drop to 13-11 overall and 8-8 in the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). The Wildcats improve to 8-14 overall and 4-10 in RRAC competition.

Head Coach Chris Dial said, “In a two week span we have been the highest ranked and lost to the lowest ranked team in the conference. That inconsistency is a testimony to our immaturity overall. We have four games left and need to refocus and improve. There’s no time to feel sorry for ourselves.”

The Saints were 1-1 against the Wildcats prior to the game.

The Saints came out firing in the first half. They shot 51.7 percent from the field and hit 5-of-12 three-pointers. They forced eight turnovers by the Wildcats and grabbed 19 rebounds. Ruben Monzon and Tommie Law had double-digit points as the Saints took an eight-point lead into the locker room.

OLLU led for most of the second half, but the Wildcats used a late surge to earn the win. The Wildcats took the lead with just over two minutes remaining. They stayed disciplined from the free-throw line and won 77-70. The Saints sit in fifth place in conference with four games remaining.

Offensive/defensive standouts
Monzon led the Saints with 20 points. Monzon also grabbed a team-high nine rebounds. Rob Gil had four assists.

K.J. Bilbo led LCU with 15 points. Jude Akabueze grabbed a team-high 16 rebounds and added 11 points for a double-double. Ferontay Banks finished with five assists.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 27-of-53 shooting for 50.9 percent, 6-of-17 from three-point range for 35.3 percent and 15-of-21 from the free-throw line for 71.4 percent. LCU shot 25-of-74 for 33.8 percent, 7-of-28 three pointers for 25 percent and 21-of-28 from the free-throw line for 75 percent.

The Saints grabbed 32 rebounds while the Wildcats collected 49.

Up next
The Saints face Paul Quinn College at home on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Saints upset No.23-ranked LSU-Shreveport 87-85

The men’s basketball team stole a win at No. 23-ranked LSU-Shreveport (LSUS) 87-85 on Jan. 19. The Saints improve to 11-8 overall and 6-5 in the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). The Pilots drop to 14-5 overall and 8-3 in RRAC competition.

Head Coach Chris Dial commented, “This was a great win for our team and our program. The team showed a lot of grit tonight and I’m proud of them. Playing at LSU-Shreveport isn’t an easy place to grab a win.”

The Saints were 10-13 against the Pilots prior to the game.

The Saints defeated an NAIA Top 25 team for the first time since 2019. Both programs shot over 45 percent from the field in the first half. The Saints were solid from three-point range at 57.1 percent shooting and forced nine turnovers by the Pilots. Rob Gil had double-digit points at halftime and Tommie Law added four rebounds.

Shreveport’s three-point lead at halftime slowly deteriorated. The Saints tied the game six minutes into the second half and there were multiple lead changes as the frame went on. OLLU rallied to lead by six points with under three minutes left. The Pilots tallied four quick points to cut the advantage to one point. The game was tied with four seconds remaining when Law made a layup assisted by Gil. Shreveport missed a game-winning three point shot at the buzzer and the Saints held on for the victory.

Offensive/defensive standouts
Law led the Saints with 24 points. Law also grabbed a team-high six rebounds. Gil led the team with four assists.

Jalen Brooks led LSUS with 23 points. Brooks and Tyler Washington grabbed a team-high six rebounds each. Brooks and Jordan DeCuir finished with two assists apiece.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 26-of-44 shooting for 59.1 percent, 8-of-13 from three-point range for 61.5 percent and 27-of-32 from the free-throw line for 84.4 percent. LSUS shot 28-of-52 for 53.8 percent, 9-of-19 three pointers for 47.4 percent and 20-of-34 from the free-throw line for 58.8 percent.

The Saints grabbed 20 rebounds while Shreveport collected 26.

Up next
The Saints face Texas College at home on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Men’s basketball squeezes by Paul Quinn College 70-67

The men’s basketball team earned a 70-67 victory over Paul Quinn College (PQC) on Jan. 5. The Saints improve to 9-6 overall and 4-3 in the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). The Tigers drop to 5-4 overall and 3-4 in RRAC play.

Head Coach Chris Dial commented, “This was a tough road win in a conference where those aren’t easy to come by. It wasn’t pretty basketball, but I was proud of our effort. We now shift our attention to Saturday.”

The Saints were 20-2 against the Tigers prior to the game.

The Saints snuck by Paul Quinn in a close game on Thursday. OLLU led by four points at halftime and limited the Tigers to under 30 percent shooting from three-point range. The Saints never trailed in the second half, but the Tigers came within one point with 45 seconds remaining. Daniel Helterhoff hit a key jump shot to give the Saints a three-point advantage. The Saints defense stepped up to stop a three-point attempt with time running down to earn the victory. Five OLLU players finished with double digit scoring.

Offensive/defensive standouts
Helterhoff led the Saints with 14 points. Tommie Law grabbed a team-high 12 rebounds and added 13 points for a double-double. Ruben Monzon and Georges Darwiche led the team with three assists each.

Henry Hampton led Paul Quinn with 13 points. Mohammed Bensalah grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds and added 11 points for a double-double. Ja’mere Redus finished with four assists.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 25-of-54 shooting for 46.3 percent, 9-of-24 from three-point range for 37.5 percent and 11-of-13 from the free-throw line for 84.6 percent. PQC shot 28-of-74 for 37.8 percent, 7-of-27 three pointers for 25.9 percent and 4-of-13 from the free-throw line for 30.8 percent.

The Saints grabbed 44 rebounds while Paul Quinn collected 35.

Up next
The Saints host Huston-Tillotson University on Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Men’s basketball climbs back to beat Jarvis

The men’s basketball team rallied to defeat Jarvis Christian University (JCU) 67-66 on Saturday. The Saints improve to 5-5 overall and 2-2 in the Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC). The Bulldogs drop to 3-5 overall and 1-3 in RRAC play.

Head Coach Chris Dial commented, “We were able to escape with a win today. We are not getting better at the rate we need to. The squad showed some heart and resilience. Playing six games in 12 days is not ideal, but we have to get back to it on another three-game week.”

The Saints were 17-6 against the Bulldogs prior to the game.

Offensive/defensive standouts
Ruben Monzon led the Saints with 12 points. Monzon also had a team-high 11 rebounds to earn a double-double. Georges Darwiche led the team with six assists.

James Phillip Russell led Jarvis with 13 points. Iversyn Smith grabbed a team-high eight rebounds. Jakari Jackson had seven assists.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 27-of-67 shooting for 40.3 percent, 11-of-35 from three-point range for 31.4 percent and 2-of-6 from the free-throw line for 33.3 percent. Jarvis shot 24-of-57 for 42.1 percent, 8-of-24 three pointers for 33.3 percent and 10-of-13 from the free-throw line for 76.9 percent.

The Saints grabbed 38 rebounds while Jarvis collected 35. OLLU forced 20 turnovers and committed 17.

Up next
The Saints host Mount Vernon Nazarene tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Men’s basketball storms back to shock LSU-Alexandria

The men’s basketball team rallied to upset Louisiana State University-Alexandria (LSUA) 94-88 on Saturday. The Saints improve to 4-4 overall and 1-1 in Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) play. The Generals fall to 6-4 overall and 0-2 in the RRAC.

The Saints were 2-12 against the Generals prior to the game.

Both teams shot over 50 percent from the field in a shootout on Saturday. Daniel Helterhoff and Ruben Monzon both had 10 points in the first half. The Generals outrebounded in the Saints in the first frame to lead 47-42 at halftime.

The Saints slowly cut the Generals advantage in the second half. They eventually took a two-point lead with 4:20 remaining in the game. OLLU increased the lead to 86-80 after two big free throws from Tommie Law with under a minute left. The Saints stayed disciplined at the free-throw line in the final seconds and won 94-88.

Offensive/defensive standoutss
Law led the Saints with 23 points. Monzon had a team-high 10 rebounds and added 20 points for a double-double. Helterhoff led the team with three assists.

Kashie Natt and Jadarrian Allen led LSUA with 14 points each. Willie Lapoole grabbed a team-high eight rebounds. Jeremy Richard and Desmond McQuain had two assists apiece.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 34-of-64 shooting for 53.1 percent, 8-of-19 from three-point range for 42.1 percent and 18-of-24 from the free-throw line for 75 percent. LSUA shot 34-of-60 for 56.7 percent, 8-of-21 three pointers for 38.1 percent and 12-of-19 from the free-throw line for 63.2 percent.

The Saints grabbed 24 rebounds while LSUS collected 38. OLLU forced 14 turnovers and committed 15.Up next

Ruben Monzon becomes member of Saints 1,000-Point Club

Men’s basketball player Ruben Monzon surpassed 1,000 points to become the Saints’ seventh male basketball player to join the Saints 1,000 Point Club. He scored his 1,000-1,002 points during the game against Wayland Baptist University on Nov. 12. Monzon also holds all-time records for most rebounds, rebounds average and defensive rebounds.

Head Coach Chris Dial commented, “Ruben’s latest accomplishment comes as no surprise. He’s an incredible guy and a pretty good basketball player, too. Ruben has meant a lot to the program, and his legacy will continue to serve us and our culture. I am proud of him and excited to traverse his final collegiate season with him.”

Monzon joins six other men on the Saints 1,000-Point Club:

Robert Martinez (2009-2013) – 1,963 points

Ricardo Zanini (2009-2012) – 1,023 points

Lo’Ron Smith (2010-2013) – 1,067 points

Eddie Ortiz (2009-2013) – 1,000 points

Joe Jackson (2015-2017) – 1,150 points

Darion Brown (2014-2018) – 1,116 points

Female members of the Saints 1,000-Point Club include:

Stacey Darnley (2009-2012) – 1,169 points

Alisha Crump (2009-2013) – 1,055 points

Nashae Owens (2011-2014) – 1,259 points

Courtney Bayliss (2011-2015) – 1,413 points

Kendall Groff (2013-2016) – 1,061 kills (volleyball)

Julia Rendon (2014-2018) – 1,116 points

Kasey Saldana (2016-2020) – 1,584 points

Lena Wilson (2016-2020) – 1,372 points

Monzon joined the team in 2018 after transferring from Texas A&M University – San Antonio. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and Security in December 2021. He is in his second semester of graduate school, where he is pursuing a Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

Monzon’s stats include: 75 games played, 375/805 FG/A, 56/179 3FG/A, 196/276 FT/A, 126 OReb, 432 DReb, 558 total rebounds, 9.25 RPG, 90 assists, 28 blocks, 77 steals, 1,002 points and 13.36 PPG. Monzon is a three-time Red River Athletic Conference (RRAC) Champions of Character honoree. He is a three-time RRAC All-Conference Team member, only missing out in 2020-2021, when the team opted out of the season due to the COVID 19 pandemic. He received RRAC Player of the Week honors three times, including once so far this season. In 2019-2020, he was named RRAC Character Athlete of the Week. In addition, Monzon is a four-time RRAC Scholar-Athlete recipient, and he was his team’s Top Saint in 2021 and 2022.

Monzon’s records include:
▪ All-time leader in total rebounds with 558
▪ All-time leader in rebounds average at 9.25
▪ All-time leader in defensive rebounds with 432
▪ Third all-time in field goals made with 375

So far this season, Monzon has turned in three double-double games out of four played. He scored 16 points and added nine rebounds against Southwestern Assemblies of God University, 23 points and 13 rebounds (11 on defense) against Texas Wesleyan University, 23 points and 10 rebounds against Oklahoma Panhandle State University and 11 points and 13 rebounds (12 on defense) against Wayland Baptist University. He will lead the team next in an exhibition against NCAA D1 University of the Incarnate Word on Nov. 22. He and the team will play their first home game of the season on Nov. 29 against Dallas Christian College at 7 p.m.

Men’s basketball downs TWU in epic quadruple-overtime game

The men’s basketball team won a quadruple overtime thriller 119-117 over Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) on Saturday night. The Saints move to 1-1 on the season while the Rams fall to 1-1. The four overtime periods marked the longest game in OLLU men’s basketball history.

Head Coach Chris Dial commented, “This was a fun game to compete in. Both teams played their hearts out. We try to seek this game out every year because it’s always a great game. We have some great players, and we were fortunate to come out with the win.”

The Saints were 6-6 against the Rams prior to the game.

The Saints won a nail-biting game against the Lions that took four overtimes to declare a winner. OLLU led at halftime 34-31 behind 43.3 percent shooting from the field. The Saints forced nine turnovers by Texas Wesleyan in the first frame and Ellis Jones had nine points.

The second half had multiple lead changes and led to overtime after a thrilling end to regulation. Ruben Monzon made a free throw to tie the game at 74-74 with 28 seconds remaining. The Rams had a chance to win the game with one second remaining but missed a layup.

The Saints took a three-point lead halfway through the first overtime period. The Rams battled back to tie the game with 19 seconds left. Texas Wesleyan missed a potential go ahead free throw with 16 seconds on the clock and the game ended up heading to a second overtime.

OLLU had another chance to put away the game after leading by four points in the second overtime. The Rams came back yet again to tie the game with under a minute remaining. The Saints were down by two points with under 10 seconds remaining when Tommie Law made a clutch layup. The Rams then missed a jump shot to send the contest to the third overtime.

The third overtime followed the same storyline as the previous periods. OLLU jumped out to an early four-point lead but were unable to sustain it. Rob Gill made two free throws for the Saints late in the period to give the Saints a 104-101 advantage. Akili Vining hit a buzzer beating three-point shot to extend the game to the fourth overtime.

The thrilling game finally came to an end in the fourth overtime. The Saints led throughout the entire frame and won 119-117. Monzon finished with a double-double and four other Saints posted double-digit points.

Offensive/defensive standouts
Gill led the Saints with 25 points. Monzon tallied a team-high 13 rebounds. Monzon also led the Saints with seven assists.

Vining led TWU with 28 points. Lamine Komara grabbed 13 rebounds along with 22 points for a double-double. Peyton Sallee led the team with five assists.

Inside the box
OLLU combined for 41-of-79 shooting for 51.9 percent, 9-of-20 from three-point range for 45 percent and 28-of-44 from the free-throw line for 63.6 percent. TWU shot 42-of-87 for 48.3 percent, 7-of-25 three pointers for 28 percent and 26-of-40 from the free-throw line for 65 percent.

The Saints grabbed 43 rebounds while TWU collected 49. OLLU forced 20 turnovers and committed 24.

Up next
The Saints travel to Goodwell, Okla., to play Oklahoma Panhandle State University on Friday at 6 p.m.

Baseball and Men’s Basketball to host Alumni Events this weekend

The OLLU baseball team will host its Inaugural Baseball Alumni Day on Oct. 16 beginning at 11 a.m. The event will include a game against current Saints team members and alumni, a commemorative t-shirt and a postgame social with food and beverages. It will take place at Missions Baseball Academy, 5707 State Highway 151. Alumni from the team’s first season in 2015 through last year are invited to participate and families are welcome to attend. Contact Assistant Coach Ryan Chapa at rtchapa17sp@ollusa.edu for additional information.

The men’s basketball team will hold its annual alumni day on Oct. 16 at 5 p.m. with a social to follow. Alumni from 2009 through 2021 and families are invited to attend. A social with food and beverages will follow afterward in UWAC 104. Contact Head Coach Chris Dial at cdial@ollusa.edu for additional information.